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General Characteristics:

Structure in GJL-250 cast iron with rubber seals included.
Sinking ball in NBR rubber.
Sealing ensured by rubber on rubber contact.
Stainless steel metal fasteners.
Epoxy paint resistant to aggressive liquids.
Full free passage.
Easily removable cover for plant inspection.
Can be installed in a horizontal or vertical position.
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Operating Limits:

GAS 1¼” thread.
GAS 1½” thread.
GAS 2” thread.
DN65 PN10-16 flanged.
DN80 PN10-16 flanged.
DN100 PN10-16 flanged.
DN125 PN10-16 flanged.
DN150 PN10-16 flanged.
DN200 PN10-16 flanged.
DN250 PN10-16 flanged.
DN300 PN10-16 flanged.
DN350 PN10-16 flanged.
​​Ambient temperature and threated liquid: 0 to +40°C.
PH of threated liquid: 6÷11
Density of threated liquid: 1kg/dm3
Contact zenit if you have requirements that are outside the usage limits.

Reference standards:

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