Fully Welded Ball Valve


fully welded ball valve


Temperature range:-40℃~200℃

Working pressure:PN25


Welded Ball Valve gives it maximum strength at minimum weight as well as maximum resistance both to pipeline pressures and stresses. The compact, spherical design also eliminates body flanges, thus reducing overall size and leak paths.
welded body ball valves are used mainly in Gas transmission and distribution pipeline (Mid-stream), typical for underground and buried installation.
Trunnion mounted ball valves
The ball is fixed and the seat rings are floating, free to move along the valve axis.
Side load generated by pressure acting on the ball is absorbed by bearings.
At low pressure the seat sealing acting is achieved by the thrust of the springs acting on the seat.
As the pressure increases the fluid pressure pushes the seat rings against the ball, making the sealing more reliable.
Independent ball and stemThe ball and stem are independent components to minimize the effect of the side thrust generated by the pressure acting on the ball to minimize the valve operation torque.Anti-static design The electrical conductance continuity between all the metallic components is guaranteed and certified with the design of anti-static device spring and ball.
Fire Safe Prototypes have been Fire tested and certified to BS 6755 Part 2 and API 607 3rd, 4th and 5th Edition.NON-DESTRUCTIVE TESTING FOR GAS VALVES