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Globe Valve

globe valve


Outside screw and yoke.
Bolted Bonnet.
Stem/wedge connection meets API 600 pull test.
Welded seat.
Yoke integrated bonnet.
Loose disc.
Renewable seat rings.
Rising stem and non-rising handwheel.
Flanged ends.
Butt-welded ends.
Applicable standards:
 - Steel valves ANSI B 16.34
 - Face to face ANSI B 16.10
 - End flanges ANSI B 16.5
 - Butt welded ends ANSI B16.25
 - Inspection and test API 598
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JKTL globe valve, different from ball valve, is a type of valve used for regulating flow in a pipeline, consisting of a movable disk-type element and a stationary ring seat in
a generally spherical body. Globe valves are named for their spherical body shape with the two halves of the body being separated by an internal baffle.