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Steel Welded Straight Through Filter

Steel Welded Straight through Filter is another kind of knew product which researched and produced by Hebei tongli self-control valve co. ltd. Generally used in heating system, air condition, drainage system and sewage discharge pipe, achieved sewage discharging on line without closing valve, the struggle of it is straight, more less resistance, recuce the lost of heating energy, also the welded type will saving the cost of flange, bolts.
Steel Welded Straight Through Filter


Size: DN25-DN600
Body Material: Carbon Steel
Working Pressure: PN1.6-2.5Mpa
Connection Type: Welded
Media: Water
Patent of the State: 201520048876.3
National Appearance Patent: 201510035215.1
National Invention Patent: 201430494274.1
Our company has passed the ISO certification.

Technology Characteristic:

1. The filter body and the connecting pipe are made of carbon steel pipe, which can avoid the pollution of the environment. The connection mode of the pipeline is also a welding connection mode, and the flange, the bolt and the gasket used for the connection of the pipe are omitted.
2. Sewage and back flush without shutting down the equipment, easy to operate. In a very small space can be sewage.
3. The machine body wall for sewage.
4. The filter body is welded with a sewage discharge valve, and the inspection hole is convenient for draining and checking the sewage discharging fault.
5. With a sewage pipe, you can connect the hose to the designated location, so that the equipment sith cleaner.
6. The filter cartrige is long and the filter area is large, the resistance is very small.
7. The external filtering structure is adopted, and the medium is passed through the filter to filter out the impurities, which is convenient for discharging the sewage.
8. The stainless stell filter tube is welded on the connecting pipe, and the filter cartridge is firm and durable, and the service life of the filter cylinder is same.
9. Through the way, suitable for thermal insulation to reduce heat loss.
10. The filter body is welded by welding robot, which has high quality and no leakage.