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2016 Beijing exhibition opening at the end of the month
Exhibition time: June 1st - May 30, 2016
Venue: Beijing China International Exhibition Center (New Hall)
Exhibition: W2 Booth Hall -26B, hereby sincerely invite you to visit.
On May 30 June 1, Asia size and influence of the largest HVAC industry event - China International Heating ventilation and air conditioning, sanitary and comfortable home systems Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "China heating Exhibition") in Beijing • China international exhibition Center (new Venue) hot opening. According to reports, re-escalation of exhibition area, the new International Exhibition Hall 8 fully liberalized, with a total area of 95,000 square meters, more than 1200 exhibitors and 50,000 professional visitors at home and abroad to participate.
Hebei Tongli company focused heating valve 20 years, has participated in the self-operated flow control valve "national standard", "industry standard" preparation of self-pressure control valve, the hydraulic balance valve products, full-welded ball valves for applications to thermal Engineering reached the year of investment, then recover the full investment in the energy-saving benefits for the heating of the cause of energy conservation to make a positive contribution.