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 Application and Characteristics of Digital Locking Balance Valve
SP45 digital lock balance,jktl valve
Digital locking balance valve for liquid pipeline system, is a more ideal new energy-saving valves. Digital lock balance valve with a scale of the digital display, can be intuitive to any location, and can be locked. Digital lock balancing valve is mainly used in industrial and civil building heating pipe system. At present, there are hydraulic imbalance problems in some pipe network systems. The digital locking balance valve provides a means to solve this problem. With the locking balance valve, the pressure drop and flow can be adjusted accurately to improve the liquid flow in the pipe network system.

To achieve the balance of pipe network and energy conservation, get better results. From the curve shows that the opening degree of an equal rate of change, the flow rate of change is equal, which is characterized by large opening when the flow is large, the opening hours of small flow. And most of the projects in the flow of large applications, such as the percentage of valves to contact this request. According to this feature, you can freely set a certain flow (quick to open the valve and the linear valve does not have this function) and when the need to change, but also know the amount of change, to achieve the desired state.