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Application of current limiting check valve
Application of current limiting check valve
In the system design and construction of the pump must be operated by adjusting the pump outlet valve, let it work in the rated range. In most water systems the circulating pump and the water tank are mostly in a horizontal plane, the actual lift in the circulating pump is only a cycle.

Pipeline and pump water circulation part of the flow resistance. Generally less than the rated lift of the pump from the pump curve can be seen in this case the pump will be in the flow state, so that the pump and the motor overload. Circulation of circulating water pipes and pumps.

Excessive brush, so that not only power consumption and the impact of circulating pipes and pumps life. So that we installed the current limit check valve at the pump pressure outlet to ensure that the pump is running in the efficient area. That is safe and economical. Air conditioning concentrated cold source.

On the chilled water or cooling water system commonly used in parallel pump. While in actual operation, most of the time for part of the load to run, and sometimes just open a pump. At this time the system friction greatly reduced, rising water often lead to pump motor overload. Ranging from tripping, while burning the motor, affecting the normal operation of the refrigeration system. For example, when two pumps work in parallel, if one pump stops running, the other pump will flow more than 50% of the total flow, sometimes up to 80%. It is recommended in the design of parallel pump should be in each pump on the outlet with a flow of qualified devices.