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Application of Differential Pressure Control Valve in Heating System
Differential Pressure Control Valve,jktl valve
At present, China's neighboring countries, based on the premise of quality control system, the installation of the use of differential pressure control valve is to achieve dynamic adjustment, reduce operating costs, energy conservation and effective measures to promote the development of central heating will inevitably produce far-reaching influences.
(1) the installation of differential pressure control valve, can absorb the pressure fluctuations of the network, but also can make the control of the internal control of the inter-branch interference greatly reduced. For the sub-household heat metering of the quality of the heating system, in a multi-household heating to the entrance of the branch,should be installed pressure control valve.
(2) in the pipe network system to install the differential pressure control valve, to achieve dynamic adjustment, the pipe network resistance can be automatically adjusted to ensure that the design of the pump characteristic curve in the best conditions to run, so as to achieve the purpose of saving.
(3) in the pipe network system to install the differential pressure control valve to achieve dynamic adjustment of pipe network operation, can effectively overcome the system of"near heat and cold" phenomenon, the real heat to the needs of the distribution to the purpose of hot users, both improved Heating quality, but also increase the heating area.