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Balance valve classification
digital lock balance valve,jktl balance valve
DZLY dynamic resistance balancing valve,jktl balance valve
Balanced valve is able to make the water system to achieve dynamic, static balance adjustment of the control device. Part of the dynamic balance valve, static balance valve. Static balance valve is that we often say that the manual balance valve, digital lock balance valve, hydraulic balance valve (referred to as hydraulic balance valve).
Dynamic balance valve dynamic flow balance valve, dynamic pressure balance valve, etc .; dynamic flow balance valve and flow type, adjustable flow type. The so-called constant flow type is usually said valve bile type, the factory flow has been set, the scene can not be adjusted (that is, piston type). Adjustable flow field can be adjusted and set flow.

Dynamic flow balance valve also known as self-flow control valve, self-balancing valve, constant flow valve, automatic balance valve. In October 2003 the relevant standards issued by the Ministry of Construction as a self-flow control valve.
Dynamic pressure balance valve also known as self-pressure differential control valve, differential pressure controller, regulator variable synchronizer, differential pressure balance valve. (Referred to as self-pressure control valve).
Dynamic differential pressure balance valve and differential pressure type, adjustable pressure difference type.
Set the differential pressure for the factory set a good control pressure. Adjustable differential pressure type is the field can adjust the size of the control pressure.