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Buried Fully Welded Ball Valve

buried fully welded ball valve


Size: DN100-DN350

Working pressure:PN25-40

Temperature range:-40℃~200℃


Buried fully welded ball valve background in the development of heating systems
1.often buried underground heating pipe network control valves required for the construction of tall valve wells, rain or snow will refuse into the valve well , they refuse , will produce large amounts of harmful gases in the well . The operator enters the valve shaft could cause personal injury when handling valves. Burst pipes and valves will cause harm to the operator .
2.the heating pipe network due to construction , welding, corrosion and other reasons that often exists debris pipe network will carry the debris washed medium flow valve seal structure , causing the valve to close the valve sealing surface damage lax off valve became furnishings .
3.normal valves and pipe connections required flanges, screws, gaskets, valves and pipe connections to waste a lot of material resources is not conducive to the global environment and energy conservation . To do this well developed buried fully welded ball valve.
Buried fully welded ball valve uses:
City gas : gas export pipeline , the main trunk and each branch supply pipes.
Central heating : Large heating equipment output pipelines, trunk , branch .
Heat exchangers : Pipeline and its opening and closing the loop .
Steel plant : a variety of fluid piping , choose to put gas pipelines, gas and heat supply pipelines, fuel supply pipe.
A variety of industrial equipment: various heat treatment pipes , industrial gas and heating pipes.
Buried fully welded ball valve mounting dimensions :
Buried advantage of fully welded ball valve :
1.buried fully welded ball valve can be buried in the ground , without the construction of tall valve well , in order to reduce construction costs, resulting in personal injury can be avoided while at the same time operate the valve .
2.buried fully welded ball valve is open, the ball completely surrounded the seat , although the media has less impurities erosion and ball valve sealing surface , because of this special structure of the valve and the pipe has the same tightness life .
3. solder ball buried close to the static dielectric ball valve seat and seal damage , still open when the process deposited dielectric sphere debris scraped off again with the spring seat to compensate for variations in pressure and temperature with compensation, guaranteed not to have any leaks.
4.buried fully welded ball valve can be welded directly to the pipe flanges savings , screws , washers , saving a lot of material resources.
5.buried fully welded ball better than butterfly valve disc in the middle of the medium flowing medium debris will scour the disc , causing damage to the disc , the valve closed lax ;
6.buried fully welded ball valve is superior , in addition to medium debris washed sealing surface , causing damage to the sealing surface so close lax. When the media stationary medium debris will accumulate in the tank causing the gate closed gate valve is not in place , so that the valve closed lax .
7.light weight, good looks and easy insulation makes equipment more refined appearance .
8.due to the special structure of the valve to the high life , normal warranty of 10 years.