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                                                        Daqing Petrochemical fire with the "trump card"

​November 21, 2007 along with the first snow, involving chemical, oil refining two plates, the construction of which lasted seven months of Daqing Petrochemical Company stable high pressure fire water system improvement project overall victory, in which the oil refineries, plastics plant has been officially put into use, marking the company emergency fire fighting capacity and to further improve the reliability of the safety in production, with rapid yield Huomo trump card.
In the past, Daqing Petrochemical plant fire all the water is low pressure fire water supply or temporary high-pressure fire water supply, there is a certain risk in actual use.
Daqing Petrochemical Stable High Pressure Fire Water Supply Improvement Project on April 20, 2007 officially started, involving oil refining, chemical eight main production plant, pipeline installation project 45 km jingzi 1322, supporting the electric valves and pipelines, with a total investment of 240 million yuan .
After the project is put into use, the whole system surround each device region and Daqing Petrochemical tank four weeks to form a stable high pressure fire water system pipe systems, effective protection of the safety in production.
?It is understood that this project using new antifreeze, anti-type fire hydrant, fire water cannons, water supply is steady high pressure fire water, with the use of light and quick, time-saving maintenance time, reduce the workload characteristics, while achieving annual normal use.
Its transformation is complete, the total elimination of temporary high-pressure fire water supply system due to winter frost and can not spare the normal risks.