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Detailed analysis of Q61F-25 steel welded ball valves
welded ball valve,jktl ball valve
Product description:
Steel welded ball valves have been used extensively in various fields in recent years. With steel welded ball valve its quality and stability, in various fields has been widely used, has been fully affirmed and recognized. Steel welding ball valve life is much greater than steel butterfly valve, ordinary welding ball valve;

Steel welding ball valve Applications: urban gas, urban heating, petrochemical, shipbuilding, steel, regulating stations, power plants and other types of pipeline equipment. All-welded ball valve can be used for long-term reliable operation, no maintenance, simple operation, the valve installation more convenient Czech Republic, saving the project time, reducing the cost of

the project. Steel welded ball valve its service life and pipeline life.

Valve Type: Q61F
Connection: welding, butt welding Steel welding ball valve technical characteristics:
1, the overall structure of the valve body welding, there will be no external leakage.
2, the seat by the PTFE seal ring and spring composition of the pressure and temperature changes to adapt to the use of the range will not produce any leakage.
3, the stem of the anti-leakage structure, the bottom of the stem has a PTFE self-sealing gasket and an O-ring, above the two O-ring, two PTFE gasket composition to ensure that no leakage.
4, the valve material and pipe material the same, there will be no stress uneven, nor will the earthquake and the vehicle through the ground when the extrusion deformation.
5, the valve body is light and easy to heat.
6, buried ball valve can be buried directly in the ground, do not build a high valve wells, just set the ground shallow wells, greatly saving construction costs and engineering time.
7, according to the pipeline construction and design requirements to adjust the length of the valve body and stem height.
8, the precision of the ball processing is very precise operation of light, no bad interference.

Steel welding ball valve installation Note:
Valve shaft masonry.
Welded ball valve with a special structural design, with maintenance-free features, buried in front of the valve coated Pu special anti-corrosion coating, while the three were valve seat and stem emergency injection of the injection tube, Pipe and stem according to the depth of the depth of appropriate extension so that the staff can complete the operation on the ground. To achieve a direct buried, the masonry small valve hand can be.
The valve should be lifted in the correct way. To protect the valve stem, do not connect the chain to the handwheel, gearbox or actuator. The protective cap at both ends of the valve sleeve should not be removed before welding.
The following are the same as the welding.
The welding ball valve is connected to the trunk line to take the welding. When ordering the valve, the manufacturer should be required to add 1.0m long sleeves at both ends of the valve.

Once the weld is not qualified, the length of the weld will be cut and re-welded in the ball valve and pipe welding,
The valve should be in 100% fully open position, so as to avoid the ball ball splashing the slag damage, while ensuring that the valve internal seal temperature does not exceed 140 degrees Celsius, if necessary, can take appropriate cooling measures.