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Digital Lock Balance Valve

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Balance Valve
Installation: Balancing valves should be installed in the flow pipe so that the direction of fluid flow to coincide with the direction of the arrows in their housings valves pulse tube that before installation to be purged. Other requirements are determined by the specific conditions of installation. Hydraulic test: Pipeline system with balancing valves tested at a water pressure up to 25 bar. Before the hydraulic test is necessary to ensure the same static pressure on both sides of the membrane balancing valves. To this should be installed between the pulse tube balancing and shut-off valves. Otherwise valves will be put out of action.
Balance Valve information
With shut-off and balancing valve can stop the flow move through the pipeline medium, to make the restriction of the maximum coolant flow passing through the adjustable section of the system by changing the valve capacity by limiting the degree of opening (the value of the stock recovery) . measure the amount of coolant flowing through the section of the system, and connect impulse tube from regulators: differential pressure Restriction within the allowable values for a variety of devices, such as radiator thermostats, excludes noise level at their work. exception static balancing systems: hydraulic balancing interconnected circulating rings pipeline system on which you installed automatic balancing valves, is carried out automatically without the use of labor-intensive methods of piping calculation and special commissioning. Increased hydraulic stability systems: Application of automatic balancing eliminates the influence each other existing in the system control devices and the occurrence of pressure fluctuations in the distribution pipeline network. Automatic balancing valves used in conjunction with the shut-off valve . with the help of the valve can restrict the flow medium through the branch system within the calculated value by fixing its bandwidth. 
Balance Valve information
Balance Valve information