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Digital lock balancing valve introduction
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SP45 digital lock balancing valve is a digital lock with a special function of the regulation of the valve, the use of DC-type valve body structure, with a better percentage of the flow characteristics, can reasonably allocate flow, effectively solve the heating (air conditioning) system The existence of room temperature hot and cold uneven problem. At the same time can accurately adjust the pressure drop and flow, to improve the pipe network system in the liquid flow state, to achieve the balance of pipe network and save the source of the purpose. The valve has the opening degree indication, the opening lock device and the pressure measurement valve for the flow measurement, as long as the branch and the user entrance to install the appropriate specifications of the balance valve, and with a dedicated smart instrument after a one-time debugging lock The total water volume of the system is controlled within a reasonable range, thus overcoming the "big flow, small temperature difference" unreasonable phenomenon. The product is the ideal product in the heating system. Can be installed in the water supply pipe can also be installed in the return pipe, the general we recommend the installation of the return pipe, especially for high-temperature loop, in order to facilitate debugging, but also installed in the return pipe, Back to the water pipe do not have to set the cut valve.