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Dynamic Resistance Balance Valve Debugging Procedure - jktl valve
Welded steel building heating entry apparatus B, jktl valve
Dynamic resistance balance valve debugging steps:
1. The total heating flow is calculated for each square meter heating flow.
2. Check that the dynamic resistance balance valve is installed in the same direction as the media flow direction.
3. Check if the dynamic resistance balance valve is defective.
4. Press the password provided by our company to open the password lock
5. Press the flow indicator, adjust the valve to the required flow, hour / ton, after the completion of debugging, the lock lock.
6. The entire pipe network according to the required flow control is completed, lock the steering switch, to provide a guarantee for variable flow operation.
7. Large diameter no indicator plate, the dynamic resistance balance valve with ultrasonic flow meter to adjust the flow of the scene. After the completion of the entire adjustment with ultrasonic flowmeter by 10% spot checks to see if the display disk is consistent with the ultrasonic flowmeter,the error does not exceed 10% Complete the adjustment.
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