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DZLY dynamic resistance balancing valve

jktl dynamic resistance balancing valve
JKTL dynamic resistance balancing valve
Product overview:
With applications of various energy-saving technologies frequency-converting techniques and temperature control techniques) as well as the implementation of household heat metering, the running mode of pipeline network in central air-conditioning and heat supply systems has changed greatly. Different running mode require
different hydraulic balancing product for pipeline network.or it would be unable to play its proper role. The
uncertainty of the running mode could lead to the uncertainty of selecting the appropriatehydraulic balancing
product.Such market situation forces balancing valve producers to make technical revolution on existing
balancing valve products. They are devoted to developing balancing valves with multi-functions and multi-uses to
adapt to the market demands.
The dynamic resistance balancing valve integrates functions of self-actuated flow control valve, self-actuated
differential pressure control valve and manual balancing valve. It can perform different functions according to
running mode and protect the normal operation of the system when the wrong balancing valve is used.

1. Valve body: cast iron or nodular cast iron
2. Anticorrosion Full-plastic processing of the valve body.
3. Spring: stainless steel
4. Membrane: EPDM buried fiber
5. Valve core: brass
6. Designed service life: >10 years

JKTL dynamic resistance balancing valve
jktl dynamic resistance balancing valve