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Electric Butterfly Valve

Electric Butterfly Valve

Actuator Mounting

Mounting is most easily done with the valve shaft pointing vertically upward.But mountion is also possible in any other position;the actuator may be mounted in any position. The QT-series-electric actuators are supplied with a female drive output .The ISO5211 bolt patterns are provided for actuator mounting.The actuator drive bush is removable for ease of machining. It is mandatory for the actuator to be firmly secured to a sturdy mounting bracket or directly mounted to the valves'ISO mounting pad.High tensile bolts or studs with spring locking washers must be used. The valve output shaft must be in lined with the actuator output drive to avid side-loading the shaft. To avoid backlash,flexibility in the mounting bracket or mounting should not be allowed.
Electric Butterfly Valve dwg
Installation and Maintenance Tips:
 - A regular installation and maintenance should be performed by qualified and trained personnel.
- When working in potentially explosive areas, be sure to comply with the standard EN 60079-14 "electrical installations in hazardous area".
- Working on the actuator that is in open position and under voltage must only be performed if it is assured that there is no danger of explosion for the duration of the work.
- Pay attention to national regulations.
- Do not attempt to work on your QT actuator without first shutting off the incoming power.
- Do not attach ropes or hooks to the hand wheel for the purpose of lifting by hoist.
Electric Butterfly Valve information
Electric Butterfly Valve information