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Four elements of Jktl balance valve in the daily operation
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Balance valve in the daily operation of the process should pay attention to the four elements:
Jktl valve company for the old city will be underground in the underground pipeline device "balance valve", conditioning hot water flow, to ensure that a district will not appear "a floor of the heat, a cold floor" situation, the device "balance valve" , The balance valve is heating, air conditioning, hot water system, one of the key energy-saving equipment, should pay attention to the installation of the matter, made the following induction, you can use or install the balance valve to play a certain role.
1. System additional (or cancel) loop should be re-commissioned in the pipe network system to add (or cancel) the loop, in addition to increase (or close) the corresponding balance valve, in principle, all new balance The balance valve in the valve and the original system loop should be re-commissioned (the branch pipe balance valve in the original loop does not have to be readjusted).
2. In the air conditioning and heating systems, the hydraulic balance of the water cycle system as energy transmission and distribution is very important.
A balanced hydraulic system is the basis for meeting the needs of users and saving energy consumption. In air conditioning and heating systems, cold (hot) media are delivered to and distributed by closed piping systems. For a well-designed pipe network system, Each user in the end of the control valve (electric control valve, temperature control valve, etc.) when the opening is 100% should be able to get the design of water, and the user in the terminal control valve opening change can get the required flow This water system is a hydraulic balance system, otherwise it is a hydraulic imbalance system, hydraulic imbalance, also known as hydraulic imbalance. This hydraulic imbalance is a random change, dynamic. This kind of abnormal phenomenon static balance valve can not Solution, can only be used to solve the dynamic balance valve.
3. After the installation of the pipe network system should not be free to change the balance valve opening, with the test conditions, the use of special intelligent instrument on all the balance valve debugging set, and the valve opening lock, the pipe network to achieve hydraulic In the normal operation of the pipe network system, the opening of the balance valve should not be changed arbitrarily, especially the opening lock device should not be changed.
4. Do not have to install the cut-off valve in the maintenance of a loop, the loop can be closed on the balance valve, this time the balance valve to cut off the role of water cut off, after repair and then return to the original locked position. So the installation of a balance valve, you do not have to install the cut-off valve.

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