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Fully welded ball valve / integrated development
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HVAC industry investment opportunities from the user's quality of life and staff safety issues increasingly attention. At the same time, in the context of the continuous improvement of the performance of the core parts of the fully welded ball valve - stainless steel ball and the ever-decreasing price, we believe that the future full-welded ball valve has a double opportunity to grow as the overall scale of the industry grows and the industry's share The With the modern city inside the vehicles and pedestrians-intensive, the road is also very complex. So in the construction and maintenance of gas supply pipes and heating supply pipeline when its construction time and construction safety
requirements are very high. Using fully welded ball valve, can be attached to the deep underground. The use of the latest engineering and technical methods to maximize the construction of the valve to reduce the control of space, and greatly saves construction costs and engineering time. But also to prevent the risk of gas explosion, Fully welded ball valve is also a one-piece full-welded ball valve, and according to user requirements to create double flange full-welded ball valve, and special requirements and valve connection single flange full solder ball valve, Are all turbine-type ball valves, they are very safe valves.

full-welded ball valve Main features:
1, full-welded ball valve by the fully welding of the valve body and carbon reinforced fluffium gasket composition, can be frequent operation, there are impurities and chemical substances in the long-life operation.
2, full-welded ball valve grinding fine stainless steel ball can ensure that many years open and close freely, reliable operation.
3, The use of floating ball structure, slope elasticity to ensure that the sealing ring pressed on the ball above, even in the case of unstable pressure, the valve can ensure tight.
4, full-welded ball valve stem leak-proof structure using two "o" ring, so that the stem rotates freely and tightly sealed.
5, Do not need maintenance, adjustment and lubrication, easy to install, low operating costs in the long-term reliable operation.
6, Welded ball valve stem can be lengthened, easy to heat.
7, The operating handle can be removed, for the installation.
8, full-welded ball body does not contain heavy and unreliable castings.
9, The installation of regulatory agencies, very simple.

Full Welded Ball Valve Ordering Information:
Product name and model ② Nominal diameter ③ Body material ④ Nominal pressure ⑤ Use medium ⑥ Connection method ⑦ Use temperature ⑧ Drive mode ⑨ Seal form ⑩ Whether with accessories so that we can choose the correct for you. 9 fully welding ball valve Price Description: 1. This product according to the relevant standards of production, quality Three Guarantees, the warranty period of ten years. 2. General offer are not 17% VAT, does not include logistics and freight. 3. If the product features Describe any questions please contact us, we will have a professional to answer your questions. 4. As the market price fluctuations in raw materials or supply and demand changes, individual product prices will change, please our professional sales staff offer prevail, this brings Of the inconvenience, please understand.
For more information on full-welded ball valves, please visit: www.jktlvalve-china.com (en)  www.jktl-china.com(ru)