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Fully welded ball valve standard factory test section details
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First of all,jktl valve company with 20 years of fully welding ball valve R & D and production experience, fully welded ball valve (steel welded ball valve)product quality ten years of protection. Fully welded ball valve to ensure that after the factory through a rigorous testing session. Here I will tell you in detail about the full welding ball valve in the end after the factory through which the test link.
1. Valve pressure test;
2. Valve safety test;
3. Valve sealing test (the company is equipped with foreign advanced testing and testing equipment)
4. Valve strength test: (medium: water; operation to make the valve pressure to the full pressure of the ball valve specified 1-2 times the pressure,holding pressure in 20min, in the absence of leakage, the strength test is normal ). full-welded ball valves installed on all types of piping are required to be rigorously tested before they are installed, ensuring that the valves are functioning properly. The usual tests are carried out from the following aspects: stress testing, safety, valve tightness;

Welding ball valve sealing test: the nitrogen as the medium for sealing test, the first closure of the ball valve will be the media from the sleeve through the valve pressure valve into the welding ball valve, the pressure rose to the nominal pressure of the ball valve 1.1 times, and then Through the hose access to the container with water detection, the depth of about 1cm or so, 5min or so.

Welding ball strength test: the water for the strength of the test, the need to weld the ball valve at both ends of the interface welding high-pressure cap, so that the ball ball in the 45-degree open position, the use of both sides of the sleeve on the test valve to welding Ball valve into the water, so

that pressure to the welding ball valve to the nominal pressure of 1.5 times, holding pressure 15min, if there is no media leaks that no leakage for the normal.