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General requirements JKTL valve installed

General requirements JKTL valve installation, optimum installation height, horizontal pipe valve stem direction is as follows:

(1) JKTL valve should be located in easily accessible, easy to operate, repair place. Rows of pipes (such as pipes and out of the device) should concentrate on the valve arrangement, and consider setting up platforms and ladders. Arranged parallel to the valve on the pipeline, which should be flush with the center line. Clearance between the handwheel should not be less than 10Qmm, in order to reduce the pipe pitch can be shifted to JKTL valve arrangement;  
(2) the installation position of the regular operation of JKTL valve should be easy to operate, the optimum mounting height is the distance between the upper and lower operation plane 1.2m. When 2m height when valve hand wheel center over the operation surface, or manifold arrangement for centralized operation frequently separate valves and safety valves should set the platform for a separate valve infrequently operation should also take appropriate measures (such as sprockets, extension rod, activities and events platform ladders, etc.). Sprocket should not impede traffic. Pipes and valves hazardous media on the device can not be in the human head height range of installation, so as not to bruise the human head, or valve leakage due to direct injury to a person's face;
(3) cut off valve equipment should be in direct contact with the nozzle device or near the device. And extremely harmful, highly toxic media device is connected to harm the valve on the pipe should be connected directly to the device Taniguchi, the valve may not be used to manipulate the sprocket;
(4) Accident valve such as fire and water valves, two steam valves and other fire-fighting should be decentralized arrangement, and to consider the safety of the operation to the accident. Such valves to be arranged in the control room. After the security wall, outside the plant, or an accident at a certain safe distance from the Strip; so that when the fire accident, the operator can safely operate;
(5) In addition to the special process requirements, the valve device on the bottom of the pipe columns, reactors, vertical containers can not be disposed within the skirt;
(6) drawn from the mains shut-off valve manifold level, it should be located close to the root of the horizontal section of pipe;
(7) lift check valve should be installed on a horizontal pipe, vertical lift check valve should be installed on a vertical pipe in the pipe media bottom-up flow. Swing check valve should be installed in horizontal pipelines priority can also be installed on a vertical pipe in the pipe media bottom-up flow; bottom valve should be installed in the suction centrifugal pump installation height, the choice of butterfly valve; when the pump outlet and connected to the pipe diameter is inconsistent, the choice of reducer valve;
(8) disposed in the valve operating platform around the center of the handwheel from the platform edge not more than 450mm, when the valve stem and hand wheel extends into the top of the platform and a height of less than 2m, should be that it does not affect the operation and traffic operators;   Valve
(9) should be located underground pipes or valves in the pipe trench wells, if necessary, should be provided to extend the valve stem. Fire valve wells should be clearly marked;
(10) JKTL horizontal pipe on the valve stem direction is determined according to the following sequence: vertically upwards; horizontally; upwardly inclined 4 5 °; downward 45 °; can not vertically downward;
(11) out horizontally mounted rod valve stem when the valve is open, shall not affect the passage of the stem.
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