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Grooved butterfly valve


Grooved butterfly valve

Size: DN100-DN350

Temperature range: -40℃~200℃

Working pressure: PN25

​​Application: Water

The valve worm gear, worm gear , cam rotation at a predetermined location along the signal contacts on the device pressed or released , the corresponding output "on" "off" signal , indicating the butterfly valve open or closed.
2. trench characteristics of butterfly valves 
1.A small, lightweight , easy installation and maintenance , and may have installed anywhere .
2. the structure is simple, compact , 90 ° turn open and close quickly .
3. the operating torque, energy saving.
4.Flow curve tending to straight , good regulating performance .
5. the opening and closing of tests up to tens of thousands of times , long life.
6. to be completely sealed , gas leakage test is zero.
1, the valve can be installed in any position space pipeline .
2 , the valve should be installed to ensure that the use , maintenance and replacement of convenience.
3 , the groove butterfly valve can not be considered when installing the pipeline medium flow direction , which allows two-way flow.
4, the valve prior to installation should be stored in a dry place indoors , the valve plate ajar 4 ° ~ 5 °.
4.grooved butterfly instructions
Grooved control valve for solid materials , often in the bottom of the tank as a discharge valve , such as cement tank , powder cans bottom of the tank to discharge and rapid cutting . Because dust material containing mostly large or small particles on the valve sealing surface wear is beyond doubt, improper selection , will greatly reduce the life of the valve , or will soon cause valve leakage , affecting continued use.
There is such a case: there is a batch weighing system, the entire batching process with PLC automatic control , and the ingredients used car is the discharge valve pneumatic butterfly valve , the medium is a very fine powder particles . After a period of time , customers reflect valve leakage , resulting powder piles of earth leakage current at the workbench. Valve Depot is no leakage detection , and customers reflect previously also used this valve , and the same media , there has not been such a thing. In order to understand the whole story , the company sent to the scene , and finally find out the reason : the original, this medium is very thin , and somewhat sticky , although the ingredients with a small vibrating motor car , and finally there are many materials attached to the tank wall and valve parts , when the valve is closed , the card around the sealing surface of the valve is not fully closed , resulting in re- installation material leak occurred after the passage of time , but also so that the sealing surface wear is very powerful, and even emerged trenches .
Find out the reasons , the proposed solutions : In the PLC program, the motor vibration prolonged shock out as far as possible all the material before shut-off valve ; 0:00 aligning the weighing instrument , will be displayed after zero out all materials , then close the valve was issued by the PLC signal ; replace the three eccentric butterfly valve double eccentric resilient seal butterfly ( midline sealing rubber valve can also be used , taking into account the material in the occasional large particles , the rubber seals may not be durable - if there is no fine powder particles , consider using soft seal butterfly valve ) , because three eccentric butterfly valve seat sealing surface is an inclined , that is, face seal , so the material is easy to accumulate on sealing surfaces , can not quickly discharged , and single eccentric or a double eccentric butterfly valve does not have this disadvantage , even if the sealing surface is a little material , but also when the valve is closed by the valve plate scraped off , and thus ensure a good seal , and the seal surface durability. After this some transformation , this problem never happened .
Groove butterfly valve is using advanced foreign technology and to improve the design of the company repeatedly . Of carbon steel as the main material , the body uses seamless pipes welded to ductile iron valve plate , reliable quality, more durable than cast iron , look more beautiful , and the price is better, but also have connections with fittings desirability of quickness . It can be widely used in water supply and drainage , fire fighting, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical , steel and other piping as truncated or adjustment purposes.