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Heating energy saving technology-jktl valve
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Design of Technical Route for Heating and Energy Saving

Heating energy-saving technology line, first consider how the user is running the system, because all the operation and energy-saving means are based on the user. Then the user installed the metering device temperature control valve, temperature controller, the user has an automatic adjustment device, it determines the user for the variable flow system, the user will automatically according to their own indoor temperature automatically open or close the valve. When the room temperature reaches the preset temperature (eg 20 ° C) the valve is automatically closed. When the outdoor
temperature is high, the indoor heating load is relatively small, the closing time is long; when the outdoor temperature is low, the indoor heating load increases, the temperature control valve closes less time, the time will be short. Then the unit time, the outdoor temperature is lower than the outdoor temperature, the user traffic will become larger, which is consistent with the heating system with the outdoor temperature changes,the supply of the load should also change the basic law. Some people to test this, according to the thermostat valve controller metering renovation project, that is, outdoor temperature above 25 ℃, open the secondary network of circulating water pump, if the circulating pump has a flow cycle to prove that the temperature control valve, thermostat qualified. Because 23 ° C above all the metering devices of the user valve should be closed; if the user valve is closed, the pipeline certainly no flow. So the user install the metering device no matter what kind of measurement program, are based on the indoor temperature as a benchmark to adjust the switch user valve. This determines that our heat flow is changing at any time. Then the secondary
network of circulating water pump should also be based on the user's heat requirements to adjust for the right. Our circulating pumps should be adjusted for variable flow according to heat requirements and should not be variable or variable temperature based on outdoor climate change.
Then we analyze, the user adjust the water, the heating network which changes can be used as a circulating pump frequency control to adjust the signal, assuming the outdoor temperature, indoor heating load is reduced, the original supply of the load is big. When the room reaches the design temperature, the thermostat will close the user valve; the user valve is closed, the total water of our secondary network will be reduced. This change will increase the water supply pressure of the pipe network, and the pressure of the return pipe will be reduced. The total pressure of the road has changed, the circulating pump can track the pressure of the signal, the variable flow regulation. Pipe pressure Poor, to prove that the user to adjust the flow of small; pipeline pressure is small, to prove that users with heat requirements become larger. So that our secondary network of circulating water pump can only be based on changes in pressure signal flow variable flow operation. Circulating water pump is a constant pressure differential control frequency conversion device, this control technology inverter manufacturers are mature and reliable.

If there is no automatic temperature control device, the above can be discussed?
If the user does not have a metering device indoors, there is no installation of temperature control valves, controllers and other automatic temperature control devices, the above discussion of constant pressure differential control circulating pump method is wrong. Because there is no change in the pressure signal can be tracked, the user does not have automatic temperature control of the heating network, energy-saving operation can only be based on outdoor temperature and indoor temperature changes, change the total amount and variable temperature adjustment method. That is, the outdoor temperature rise, the total supply of circulating water pump should also be reduced, variable temperature and variable flow can also be carried out at the same time, the constant temperature of the variable temperature regulation is also possible.
According to the outdoor air temperature changes, variable flow of the pump and inverter technology is mature and reliable.

The above analysis ofcirculating water pump has three energy-saving programs.

1, the user installs the indoor automatic adjustment device and the temperature control device, the circulating water pump according to the pipeline pressure difference change, carries on the variable flow regulation.
2, the user does not have self-regulation device, then the circulating pump according to the outdoor temperature and indoor temperature changes in variable flow, variable temperature quality control program.
3, the user does not have variable factors circulating pump constant flow temperature difference between the quality of the mediation program.

What are the commonalities in these energy-saving programs?

Above no matter what kind of energy-saving program. Energy saving, secondary network is the key, energy-saving benefits reflected in an online.

Secondary network energy is first built on the basis of water balance, pipe network should consider both static balance, but also consider the dynamic balance. We should pay attention to the choice of balance methods and means. If the balance of equipment used improperly, you can not coordinate the work, there will not be much revenue. For example, the above mentioned the first energy-saving program, the user has the ability to adjust the behavior, automatic thermostat device, certainly our balance strategy using self-pressure differential control valve.