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Heating pipe network with the reasons for the whole welding ball valve
heating pipe network,welded ball valve
Heating pipe network background
1, Heating pipe network buried in the ground In order to manipulate the valve to be built tall valve wells, rain or snow will rub the garbage into the valve wells, these waste, will produce a lot of harmful gases in the well. When the operator enters the valve well to control the valve.

Causing injury. Pipes and valves can also cause damage to the operator.
2, Heating pipe network due to construction, welding, corrosion and other reasons so that the pipe network often exist debris, the media will carry these debris flow valve sealing structure, causing the valve seal surface damage to the valve closed, shut off the valve It became furnishings.

3, The common valve and pipe connection need to use flange, screws, gaskets, valves and pipes connected to waste a lot of material resources, is not conducive to the global environment and energy saving.

fully-welded ball valve for the largest heating pipe network advantages
1, Fully-welded ball valve can be buried in the ground, do not build a high valve wells to reduce the cost of the project, but also to avoid the operation of the valve caused by injury.
2, Fully welding ball valve is opened, the valve ball seat completely surrounded, although the media are not washed with impurities in the valve seat and the ball sealing surface, because of this special structure so that the valve closed with the pipeline with the life.
3, the closure of the welding ball valve medium static on the ball and seal the seat of the more damage, open the process of the ball again when the medium is still deposited when the debris scraped off, under the valve seat spring compensation for pressure and temperature changes are compensated effect and ensure that there will be no leakage.
4, direct welding in the pipeline to save the flange, screws, gaskets, save a lot of material resources.
5, all-welded ball valve is better than butterfly valve, butterfly butterfly plate in the middle of the media flow of debris in the media will scour the butterfly plate, resulting in butterfly plate damage, so that the valve closed lax; full solder ball valve is better than gate valve, Sealing surface, causing dense cover damage to lax. When the medium is stationary, the debris in the medium will accumulate in the valve gate slot caused by the gate is not in place, so that the valve closed lax.
6, light weight appearance, and easy to keep the appearance of more sophisticated equipment.
7, due to the special structure of the valve high life, the normal use of 20 years warranty.