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How does the constant flow control valve be installed and measured
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Fixed flow control valve installation
1, The valve should be installed before the valve model, specifications are correct, whether the broken parts, defects and so on. Do not install, please contact the manufacturer.
2, The valve should be installed before and outside no debris, pay attention to the direction of the arrow.
3, When the larger diameter, the bottom of the valve should be set up concrete foundation.
4, The flange installation plane must be shovel clean.
5, The flange must be installed when the check whether the fit, check the flange with bolts, nuts, gaskets and other specifications. Whether the bolts and nuts are flexible.
6, The flange of the bolt in the vertical direction, the nut should be at the top.
7, The installation, the thread should be coated with butter.
8, Flange butt should be flat, tight, uniform force should be symmetrical tightening bolts to prevent cracking flange. All nuts are on the same side.

Pipeline test pressure
flow control valve test preparation:
1, The area backfill in addition to the joints have been back to the top of the tube 0,5M above.
2, Close the main valve on the trunk.
3, All the joints on the pipeline and the repair site are completed, and fixed end.
4, The pipeline on the pier, stent, drag piers, back, etc. have reached the design strength.
5, The pipeline test pressure on the impact of equipment, obstacles, etc. have been cleared or isolated.
6, Pressure test equipment and drainage facilities are ready.
7, The test with the pressure gauge has been verified, the accuracy of not less than 1,5.
8, The pressure test program has been approved and has been technology to the end.
9, Having written a way to inform Party A, supervision, property, owners and other departments and personnel, pipeline test pressure time, place, key parts, key places have to observe or strengthen the inspection, so as not to cause property damage.

Pipeline test pressure
1, during the test pressure, back, support, near the tube end can not stand, pay attention to safety.
2, during the test pressure, is strictly prohibited on the pipeline to beat, repair and tighten the bolt and other operations to prevent wounding.
3, during the test pressure, the gate valve should be opened. After the test pressure between the test section of the joint connection should ensure

quality, and left to the water after the inspection and then backfill.
4, the pressure gauge should be installed in the lowest pressure test section line. Each pressure test piece pressure gauge is not less than 2 pieces.
5, the pipeline before the pressure, the pipeline gas should be ruled out, during the boost process, when the pressure gauge needle swing, unstable,and the boost is slow, it should be re-exhaust and then boost. Pressurization should be carried out by the process, each level should check the back,support pier, body, valves and interfaces, when there is no abnormal phenomenon, and then continue to boost.
6, the water pressure rose to the test pressure, according to the provisions of the time to maintain a constant pressure, to check whether the pipeline cracks, damage and leakage phenomenon, the pressure drop in the standard allowable range, for the pipeline strength test qualified.
7, the pipeline strength test qualified, according to the process of pressure relief, regulator, if no leakage, pressure drop does not exceed the allowable deviation, the pipeline rigidity test qualified, after passing the test, should make a variety of test records, and At the scene, please supervise and sign the signature of Party A.
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