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How to use the flow control valve

self atuated flow control valve
Flow control valve mainly throttle and speed control valve two categories.
When selected, first according to the maximum flow in the hydraulic system and pressure to determine the flow control valve specifications;
And then according to the stability of the load speed requirements and the characteristics of flow control valve to determine the type of flow control valve;
Again to ensure that the rated flow of the selected valve should be greater than the maximum actual flow at work; and the minimum steady flow rate of the selected valve should be less than the flow rate determined by the minimum operating speed of the system actuator controlled by the valve.
For example, for the stability of the motion requirements of strict or micro-feed hydraulic system, should use temperature compensation type speed

control valve;
Requirements for the implementation of stable speed, and does not produce crawling, should use ordinary speed control valve. When selecting the governor valve, pay attention to the minimum steady flow of the speed regulating valve so that it must be less than the minimum steady flow required for the actuator.