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JKTL control valve accessories
control valve
In the production process, the control system to the valve made a wide range of special requirements, therefore, jktl control valve must be equipped with a variety of accessories (referred to as accessories) to meet the needs of the production process. The accessories of the control valve include:
(1) Valve positioner used to improve the performance of the control valve to adjust the performance characteristics, to achieve the correct positioning.
(2) The valve position switch shows the working position of the upper and lower stroke of the valve.
(3) Pneumatic retaining valve When the control valve gas source failure, keep the valve in the air supply before the failure of the location of the position.
(4) Solenoid valve to achieve the electromagnetic switch to ensure that the valve in the power failure when the valve is in the desired safe opening position.
(5) Handwheel mechanism When the control system controller failure, you can switch to manual operation of the valve.
(6) Pneumatic relay to the actuator to accelerate the action to reduce the transmission time.
(7) Air filter pressure reducer used to purify the gas source, adjust the air pressure.
(8) The gas tank ensures that the spring-free cylinder piston actuator can move the control valve to a fail-safe position when the air supply is faulty. Its size depends on the size of the cylinder, the valve action time requirements and valve operating conditions.
In short, the role of the annex is to make the function of the control valve more perfect, more reasonable and more complete.