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JKTL control valve selection principle
control valve
1, Control valve selection
A, the importance of control valve selection
The control valve is an actuator in an automatic control system, and its application quality is directly responsive to the conditioning quality of the system. As a terminal component in process control, people are more important than ever in the past. Regulating valve application is good or bad, except product quality, the user is correct installation, use, maintenance, the correct calculation, selection is very important. Due to the calculation of selection errors, resulting in the system open and stop, and some even can not be used, so for users and system designers.

Members should be aware of the importance of the valve at the scene, the need for control valve selection caused enough attention.
B, the principle of control valve selection
(1) According to the process conditions, select the appropriate structure and materials.
(2) According to the characteristics of the process object, select the control valve flow characteristics.
(3) According to the process parameters, select the appropriate control valve caliber size.
(4) According to the requirements of the process, select the required auxiliary device.
(5) Reasonable choice of implementing agencies. The response speed of the actuator should be sufficient
The requirements for the control of the travel time: the selected control valve actuator should be able to cover the valve stroke and process requirements for the leakage level. In some cases, such as the use of pressure control valve (including vent valve), should consider the actual possible pressure. Poorly appropriate amplification, which requires the executive body to provide greater force. Otherwise, it may be abnormal when the process, the control valve before and after the actual pressure difference is large, will be off or not open the risk.​