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JKTL valve controlled valve with you into the full solder ball valve
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Fully Welded Ball Valve Overview:
fully welded ball valves are widely used in various fields, and their superior quality and high performance stability can not be achieved by ordinary cast steel ball valves. The life of fully welded ball valves is much greater than that of cast steel ball valves. All welded ball valves are widely used in cities Gas,

Urban heating, petrochemical, shipbuilding, steel, regulating stations, power plants and other types of pipeline equipment.
All welded ball valve can be buried in the ground, do not build a large valve wells to reduce the cost of the project, but also to avoid personnel into the well control valve caused by personnel injuries.
When the full welded ball valve is opened, the valve ball is completely surrounded by the valve seat, although the media is not flush with the valve seat and the ball sealing surface,

because of this special structure so that the valve closed with the pipeline with the life.
Close the ball valve when the static medium on the ball and seal the seat can not cause damage, open the process of the ball and the silence of the silence of the material after the scrape off, under the seat of silicon carbide pressure and temperature changes are compensated Role,
Light and beautiful appearance, and easy to heat, so that the pipeline more refined.
Direct welding in the pipeline to save the flange, screws, gaskets, saving the project cost and a lot of material resources.
Prefabricated insulation, reducing a lot of heat loss.
Due to the special structure of the valve high life, the normal use of warranty for 20 years.
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