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JKTL valveQ367F-25 large diameter welding ball valve manual
welded ball valve,jktl ball valve
Welded valve body structure, the valve light weight and easy to heat.
PTFE ball seals with spring loads ensure tightness within the scope of application.
Ball and stem are stainless steel.
The anti-seepage structure of the stem has two "O" seals, and the upper seal can be replaced online.
long lasting.
Available in welding, thread and flange connection.
Check according to EN488.
ISO 9001 certified.
Large diameter welding ball valve Uses:
1. City gas: gas output pipeline, the main line and the supply lines and other feeder lines.
2. Central heating: large heating equipment output pipeline, trunk line, feeder line.
3. Heat exchanger: pipe and the circuit opening and closing.
4. Iron and steel plants: all kinds of fluid pipelines, exhaust gas selection pipeline, gas and heat supply pipeline, fuel supply pipeline.
5. Various industrial equipment, all kinds of heat treatment pipes, all kinds of industrial gas and heat pipes.

Large diameter welding ball valve installation Note:

1, Welding.(GB3323-2005) Ⅱ level standard, in the large-diameter welding ball valve and pipeline welding, the valve should be in accordance with the "welding of welded wire joints" In 100% fully open position, so as to avoid the ball valve was splashing the slag damage, while ensuring the valve internal seal temperature does not exceed 140 degrees Celsius, if necessary, can take appropriate cooling measures.
2, Lifting.
The valve should be lifted in the correct way. To protect the valve stem, do not connect the chain to the handwheel, gearbox or actuator. The protective cap at both ends of the valve sleeve should not be removed before welding.
3, The valve shaft masonry.Large diameter welding ball valve with a special structural design, with maintenance-free features, buried in the outer side of the valve coated Pu special anti-corrosion coating, while the three were the valve seat and stem injection tube, Venting tube and stem according to the throne.Depth appropriate extension, so that the staff on the ground can complete the operation.
After the realization of the buried, small masonry hand shaft can be. And for conventional non-fully welded ball valve can not be buried directly, and the need to build large-scale valve wells, the result is the formation of a dangerous confined space is not conducive to safe operation. While the valve body itself and the valve body and pipe bolts connected parts of the electrical corrosion, affecting the service life of the valve.

Large diameter welding ball valve daily maintenance:
1. Remove the ball valve surface stains, regular activities of the ball valve, you can reduce the surface of the accumulation of stains. Reduce the erosion of the surface of the ball valve, you can extend the life of the welding ball valve.
2. Regular activities of the ball ball, can be reduced because of external reasons, resulting in ball valve fixed, can not be easily adjusted.
3. Regularly clean the valve seat, cleaning the seat is conducive to the user for the control and operation of the fluid to improve the role of welding ball valve.
3.(1) This is the most important project to use the ball valve, can reduce the accumulation of stains in the valve seat, resulting in reduced flexibility of the valve seat components, so that when the operation more difficult.
3.(2) cleaning the seat time, the user can consider the nature of the transmission fluid, the provisions of the ball valve cleaning time, both to ensure the normal use of the ball valve can also reduce the user for labor consumption.