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jktl valve to remind you to install the valve to pay attention to the protective measures
In order to maintain the compressed air purification, in the valve before the need to set the oil and water separator or air filtration. In order to maintain the compressed air, in order to keep the metal, sand and other foreign objects into the valve, damage to the sealing surface, the need to set the filter and flush valve.
In order to maintain the operating temperature, set the insulation facilities outside the valve; for the installation of the valve, the need to set the safety valve or check valve; taking into account the need to set the valve and check valve;

Continuous operation of the valve, easy to danger, the establishment of a parallel system or bypass system.
1. Check valve protection: In order to prevent the check valve leak or failure after the media back, causing product quality decline, resulting in accidents and other adverse consequences, check the valve back and forth to set one or two shut-off valve. If two shut-off valves are set,

Can facilitate the demolition of the check valve down repair.
2. Safety valve protection implementation: installation method is generally not set before and after the partition valve, only in individual circumstances, can be used. Such as the dielectric force containing solid particles, affecting the safety valve can not close off after the safety valve, the safety valve in front and rear

Install a sealed gate valve, the gate valve should be fully open in the state, gate valve and safety valve directly to the installation of a DN20 to the atmosphere of the inspection valve.
When the release of wax and other media at room temperature for solid state, or decompression gasification and other light liquid medium temperature below 0 degrees Celsius, the safety valve needs steam heat. For the corrosive medium of the safety valve, depending on the valve corrosion resistance

Performance, consider the valve at the entrance plus corrosion-resistant explosion-proof membrane, gas safety valve is generally set by its diameter a bypass valve, as a manual release.
3. Pressure relief valve protection facilities: pressure relief valve installation facilities generally have three forms. Pressure relief valve before and after the pressure gauge, easy to observe the valve before and after the valve pressure. After the valve is also equipped with a fully enclosed safety valve to prevent the failure valve failure.

After the pressure exceeds the normal pressure when the take-off, including the valve after the system.
The drain pipe is installed in front of the valve before the valve, mainly the drainage river flushing effect, and some use the trap, the main role of the bypass pipe is when the valve failure, close the valve before and after the shut-off valve, open the bypass valve , Adjust the flow by hand

Quantity, play a temporary circulation, in order to repair the valve or replace the valve.
4. Protection of the trap: the side of the trap with a bypass pipe and no bypass pipe two, there are condensate recovery and condensate does not recover the payment, the amount of drainage and other special requirements of the trap can be used in parallel Form installation facility,

With the bypass valve of the trap, its main role in the pipeline began to run, used to discharge a lot of condensate.
It is not appropriate to discharge the condensate with a bypass pipe when servicing the trap, which will cause the steam to flee into the backwater system. Under normal circumstances, can not install the bypass pipe, only the heating temperature has strict requirements, continuous production of hot equipment was installed next pass tube.