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Jktl-Welded steel building heating entry apparatus inlet device for your patent solution!
Welded steel building heating entry apparatus B, jktl valve
The experts raised the following questions:

(1) the heating entry apparatus has two sets of devices, one water supply group, one back to the water group, they installed in the thermodynamic entrance to whatposition?
Patent solution: water supply group installed in the heat inlet water supply pipe, return water group installed in the heat inlet return pipe.
(2) What is the relationship between the two groups?
Patent answer: heat pipe sub-water supply and return water. The heat inlet valve should be in the water supply and return water are connected to the corresponding off filter, adjustment and pressure gauge with valve valve, there are standard requirements. The thermal inlet device is required by the standard integration with welding, eliminating the need for flanges, bolts, gaskets made a suitable insulation device, you can save a lot of material costs, reduce a lot of heat loss.
(3) from the figure, the water is from left to right, right?
Patent solution: water supply and return water group has a strict flow direction, according to the direction of the finished arrow, not from left to right order.
(4) on the right side of the pressure gauge components than the left side of the pressure gauge components more than a three links? If painted the same, but in the instructions that the right side can add a three-line okay? This figure shows a few digital markings to be simple, but the content has no effect?

Patent answer: No, because with the three links can be when the drainage valve body, you can also add a soft connection to do the bypass interface.Must be carefully annotated.

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