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Leakage of valve body and bonnet
The reason:
1, The quality of cast iron is bad, The valve body and bonnet with trachoma, loose tissue, slag and other defects;
2, Too cold weather lead to the damage;
3, Poor welding lead to the slag, stress cracks and other defects;
4, The cast iron valve was damaged by the heavy impact.
Maintenance method:
1, To improve the quality of casting, to make the strength test according to the rules strictly before installation;
2, For the valves, which under the the temperature of 0 ℃ and 0 ℃ below should be keep warm and the valve which stopped working should drain the water;
3, The welds between valve body and bonnet, should do the carried out according to the relevant welding procedures, after welding should do the Flaw detection experiment and strength testing.
4, It is forbidden to put push heavy goods on the valve. it is not allowed to hit the valve. large diameter valve should be with bracket when installation.