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 New type of steel thermal inlet device - Hebei with the power of 2017 heavy launch

fully welded ball valve

Heat inlet device (steel welded through filter) Group A

fully welded ball valve

Heat inlet device (steel welding differential pressure control valve) Group B

Jktl valve new more energy-saving features of the new products Steel thermal inlet device: steel welding pressure control valve, steel welding through the filter, the cost, construction costs, technical characteristics, applications, maintenance Operation, etc., are superior to similar products in the market, its special structure, connection, so that the industry refreshing, for the HVAC valve industry added a new energy-saving new products. Hebei Tongli Technology Co., Ltd., for its new name: steel thermal inlet device, the steel welding pressure control valve and steel welding through the filter is divided into steel heat inlet device (A group) and (B group ).

So as the Beijing International HVAC show the biggest bright spot of the new products to do the following technical statements, welcomed the intention to further understand the Hebei Tongli new product development - steel welding heat inlet device.
Steel welding heat inlet device (Group A) - Steel welded through filter
Steel welding through the filter Technical characteristics:
1. Body and take over are made of steel pipe manufacturing, eliminating the casting process, and the way the pipeline is connected with the use of welding, eliminating the use of flanges, bolts, gaskets.
2. Stainless steel filter tube is also welded in the pipe, the body wall due to smooth should be sewage, the body volume, filter long filter area, through the way through the resistance can be very low resistance.
3. The use of external filter structure, that is, the debris filter in the filter, the more convenient sewage.
4. The body of the sewage valve on the body, easy to manufacture, easy to sewage.
5. Sewage and backwash without shutting down the equipment and close the valve, easy to operate sewage bolts for the six hexagon, so that the sewage tool is more convenient, in a small space can also be sewage.
6. With sewage holes and sewage takeover, you can connect the hose to the debris to the development site, so that the equipment site cleaner.
7. The body of the robot using welding robot girth welding, high precision welding, zero leakage.
8. Device design life of 20 years, the normal operation of 10 years warranty.

Steel welding heat inlet device (group B) - steel welding differential pressure control valve
Steel welding pressure control valve technical characteristics:
1. Connection using welding, the pipe network more secure, more stable, longer life.
2. Save the pipe connected with the flange, bolts, gaskets, saving a lot of material resources.
3. Reduce the leakage of pipe connections, to facilitate the construction.
4. Valve body wall is more smooth, the resistance is small, so that the pipe network to run more convenient and more stable.
5. For HVAC projects should be warm, reduce a lot of heat loss,
6. Direct welding in the pipeline to make the project pressure higher, so that the pipe network to run more stable and more secure
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