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Pipe network application of self-pressure differential control valve how to choose?
self-operated differential pressure control valve
Hebei Tongli Control Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. produces self-operated differential pressure control valve, differential pressure control valve,without any external energy, relying on the medium to adjust the pressure of their own automatic adjustment, automatic elimination of the remaining pressure head pressure and pressure fluctuations Caused by the flow changes, constant user import and export pressure, especially for household metering or automatic control system, contribute to the stability of the system when running.

(1) Differential pressure control valve should be matched with the valve outside the pipe network pressure
Valve outside the pipe network pressure difference, differential pressure control valve operating characteristic curve is different. Therefore, in the design and management of the actual operation of the pipe network, should ensure that the valve installation point of the pipe, pipe network pressure changes in the range allowed by the valve. The actual pressure is too large or too small will make the spring failure, resulting in the valve can not work properly.
(2) differential pressure control valve set the choice of pressure
Differential pressure control valve set pressure should be with the valve line system in the design flow to match the resistance to ensure that the valve in its best work area. The difference between the two will lead to the actual flow of the valve system is too large, resulting in the valve outside the pipeline system hydraulic imbalance or lead to the actual pipeline system flow is too small impact on the heating effect.
(3) differential pressure control valve diameter selection
Different caliber differential pressure control valve control the flow range is different. In the selection of valves, should be based on the valve operating characteristic curve of the valve piping system design flow in the valve control flow range of the best working area is better side. Select the valve caliber is too small, so that the valve in its control flow range of high-end work, easy to produce noise. Select the valve diameter is too large, so that the valve in its control flow range of low-end work, the system flow range is too large, easy to cause the valve outside the pipeline system hydraulic imbalance, but also cause economic waste. General valve diameter than the valve pipe system interface diameter equal or smaller one better.
(4) The differential pressure control valve can not replace the flow control valve
The purpose of using the differential pressure control valve is to enable the heat user to adjust the flow rate in a certain range according to the heat requirement. The heating system using the differential pressure control valve is a variable flow system. But most of the current heating pipe network is based on the basic needs of heating to determine the pipe network system is actually difficult to achieve on-demand unlimited heating, is bound to cause pipe network system hydraulic imbalance, especially in the installation of only differential pressure control valve In the heating table heating system, the hydraulic imbalance is particularly serious. At present, there are two ways to solve this contradiction by satisfying the basic heating needs to transition to the on-demand heating: ① increase the pipe network flow; ② limit the flow at the heat inlet or on the trunk line. The way to limit the
flow is to set the flow control valve. Flow control valve can choose self-flow control valve, so that the pipe network can automatically balance the flow.A self-operated flow control valve is provided at each heat inlet, which is costly and therefore less used. Another way is to set up a self-operated flow control valve on the trunk line. At present, the vast majority of the thermal inlet using the lock-type flow control valve, which requires the initial operation of the pipe network must be done in the initial way to adjust the work, the work time, effort, more complex, difficult to adapt to the heat network conditions Variety. But this is an economy.

Measures to ensure the hydraulic balance of heating pipe network.
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