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Pipeline valves are everywhere, Such four keys apply to any problems
​1. Cut off and release media

This is the most basic function of the valve, usually choose the flow channel for the straight-through valve, the flow resistance is small.

Down closed valve (cut-off valve, plunger valve) due to its channel twists and turns, flow resistance than other valves, so less use. Where a higher flow resistance is allowed, a closed valve is available.

2.Control the flow

It is common to select a valve that is easy to adjust the flow rate as a control flow. A closed valve (such as a shut-off valve) is suitable for this purpose because its seat size is proportional to the stroke of the closure.

Rotary valves (plug valves, butterfly valves, ball valves) and flexible valve valves (clamping valves, diaphragm valves) can also be used for throttle control, but are usually only available in a limited range of valve diameters.

Gate valve is a disc-shaped ramps on the circular valve seat to do cross-movement, it is only close to the closed position, in order to better control the flow, it is usually not used for flow control.

3.For the diversion

According to the need for commutation, this valve can have three or more channels. Plug valves and ball valves are suitable for this purpose, so most of the valves used for commutation shunt are selected for one of these valves.

However, in some cases, other types of valves, as long as the two or more valves are properly connected to each other, can also be used for commutation.

4.With suspended particles of the media

When the media with suspended particles, the most suitable for its use of the closure along the sealing surface with a wipe the role of the valve.