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Piping for heating regulation and control equipment
Valve is used to open and close the pipeline and adjust the flow of transmission equipment, commonly used with cut-off valve, gate valve, butterfly valve, check valve, manual control valve and solenoid valve.

1, globe valve medium flow can be divided into straight-through, right angle and DC three, according to the position of the stem thread can be divided into two types of structure and the dark bar.
Stop valve closed when the tightness is better, but the stem length, medium flow dynamic resistance, the product nominal diameter is generally not more than 200mm.

2, gate valve
Gate valve structure type, there are two kinds of pole and dark bar, according to the shape of the gate points are wedge and parallel type, according to the number of ram is divided into veneer and double board.
Gate valve is closed, the tightness is better than the valve is good, but the valve body is short, medium flow resistance is small, commonly used in the nominal diameter of more than 200mm on the pipeline.
The globe valve and the gate valve mainly act as an opening and closing pipe, and because of its poor regulating performance, it is not suitable for regulating the flow rate.

3, butterfly valve
Turbine-type butterfly valve, the valve plate along the vertical axis of the vertical axis of rotation, but the high cost.
Stop valves, gate valves and butterfly valves are available with flanges, threads or welded connections. Transmission methods are manual transmission (small diameter), gear, electric, hydraulic and pneumatic, etc. Nominal diameter greater than or equal to 600mm valve, should be used electric drive device.

4, check valve
Check valves are used to prevent backflow of pipes in the pipe or equipment, which utilizes the kinetic energy of the fluid to open the valve. In the heating system, the check valve is always located at the outlet of the pump, the outlet pipe of the trap, and other areas where the fluid is not allowed to flow backwards.
Common check valves are swivel and lift type.
Lifting check valve sealing performance is better, but can only be installed in the horizontal pipe, generally used for nominal diameter of less than 200mm on the horizontal pipe.
Swing check valve seal performance is poor, generally used in vertical up or large diameter pipe.

5, manual control valve
When the need to adjust the heating medium flow, the pipeline can be set on the manual control valve. Manual adjustment valve disc is tapered, by rotating the first wheel to adjust the position of the valve can change the valve disc and the valve body diameter formed between the gap area, thus regulating the media flow.

solenoid valve
Solenoid valve is an automatic control system commonly used in the implementing agencies. It is to rely on the current through the electromagnet generated by the electromagnetic force to manipulate the valve opening and closing, the current can be controlled by a variety of signals. Commonly used solenoid valve has a direct opening and closing and indirect opening and closing two.

Direct opening and closing solenoid valve, he consists of two parts of the electromagnetic head and the valve body. When the coil in the electromagnetic head is energized, the coil and the oblique iron produce electromagnetic force so that the oblique iron drives the valve needle to move up and the valve hole is opened. When the current is cut off, the electromagnetic force disappears and the oblique iron falls by the weight and the spring force. The valve needle closes the valve hole.