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Radiator and valve basic knowledge
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Heating radiator is the home heating system terminal cooling equipment, heating radiator principle is the natural convection of air, radiator heating comfort, no noise, no drying,high thermal efficiency, energy saving, each room radiator temperature control valve can be individually adjusted temperature. Modern radiator beautiful appearance, with good decorative effect. There are steel, aluminum, copper and aluminum composite, stainless steel, cast iron radiator and other types. The general installation of the room on the wall.

Each radiator installed on a set of inlet and return valves, adjust the water intake to adjust the heating temperature of each room, the owner can adjust their own room temperature, the host room heating energy consumption automatically adjust the radiator intake, to achieve comfortable energy-saving heating effect. Radiator inlet valve with ordinary type and with automatic temperature control type two, the general type of inlet valve for the Promise adjustment; automatic temperature control type inlet valve room can set the temperature automatically adjust the radiator water intake, Adjustment, easy to operate and control. Usually generally use the ordinary type into the water angle valve.