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Sanitary Valve

Sanitary valves are designed to meet the stringent demands of today’s state-of-the-art Life Science facilities. Polished, stainless steel body and trim components ensure efficient cleaning and sanitizing giving you confidence that your processing environment produces the highest purity. 

​​Sanitary Solutions is your source for a High Temperature/Pressure Two Way Encapsulated Seat Ball Valve to service the Beverage, Cosmetic, Dairy, Food, Meat, and Poultry Industries.

​You will notice a lock out handle to prevent tampering, ISO 5211 mounting pads for actuation, and a beautiful finish on the Inside and Outside of the valve. Since this valve is a three piece design and comes standard with a clamp end, it is easy to assemble and disassemble when cleaning or working in a tight space and requires no special tools.
Sanitary Valve,jktl valve
Sanitary Valve dwg
Sanitary Valve information
Sanitary Valve information