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Selection and Setting of Hydraulic Balance Valve in Different Systems
Hydraulic Balance Valve,jktl valve
Static hydraulic balance valve or self-balancing valve specifications should be calculated according to the heat flow design, working pressure and pressure drop of the valve and other parameters to be determined.
For the transformation of the project heat inlet, the heating system should be calculated for pressure drop calculation, select the static hydraulic balance valve or self-pressure differential control valve. The heat station outlet manifold should not be provided with self-operated flow control valve.

When there are multiple sub-rings, the
static hydraulic balance valve can be set according to the hydraulic balance. Constant flow of the water system of the heat inlet, can be set up self-flow control valve, and should be selected according to the design flow. When setting the self-operated differential pressure control valve for each heat inlet of the variable flow water system, the specifications should be determined according to the pressure difference required to be controlled, and the flow rate should not be less than the design maximum. When the heating system for thermal metering,the system should check the hydraulic conditions. When the heat import pressure can not meet the existing heating system after the operation requirements, should be taken to improve Pipe network circulation pump head or the addition of local pressure pump and other compensation
measures to meet the needs of indoor system pressure differential.