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Self-actuated differential pressure control valve 

self-actuated differential pressure control valve
self-actuated differential pressure control valve
3.Automatic valve core
4.Valve body

Product overview:
The ZYF series of self-actuated differential pressure control valve are hydraulic balancing valves that can
keep pressure differences among users constant automatically. Used in the household metering heating
system and flow-variable air-conditioning system can be conducive to autonomic conditioning of all users and
terminal devices in the controlled system. The ZYF series can be further divided into water supply type
and water return type according to different positions of installation.

Performance and characteristics
Use the tight bivalve clack structure with smaller unbalanced force. Be used in the heating (air-conditioning)
system to keep pressure differentials of the control system constant. Characteristics are as followed:
1. Keep pressure differentials of the controlled system constant.
2. Support internal automatic adjustment of the controlled system.
3. Absorb fluctuation of the external differential pressure.
4. With the advanced stepless voltage regulation structure,the controlling differential pressure rangeability can reach 25:1.
5. Use efferent structure to eliminate blockage online.
6. The automatic valve core is wing-oriented and could be anti-lock.
7. Differential pressure adjuster is equipped with a differential pressure scale which is convenient for differential pressure adjustment.
8. The access hole in the valve core enables online trouble shooting without disassembling the valve.
9. Large Kvs and small resistance in full-open state, which requires high resistance and elimination of large

differential pressure.
10. High machining precision, which can be kept when replace the damaged parts.
11. 20 years for the designed service life, and a quality warranty of 10 years for normal operations.

self-actuated differential pressure control valve
Technical parameters:
1. Nominal pressure: 1.6Mpa and 2.5MPa;
2. Media temperature: 0~150℃
3. Operating differential pressure range: 0.02~0.3MPa
4. Set value of controllingdifferential pressure: 0.02MPa; Adjustable range of controlling differential pressure: 0.02~0.3MPa.
5. Pipe length: 1.6m
6. Connector size of pressure pipe: 1/2” pipe thread

jktl self-actuated differential pressure control valve