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Self - operated flow control valve implementation of the standard - jktl valve
self-flow control Valve,jktl valve
Hebei Tongli Automatic control valve manufacturing Co., Ltd. to produce self-actuated flow control valve, jktl valve dedicated to the production and research and development of hydraulic balance valve, the following details of the implementation of self-flow control valve standards, as well as material and technical characteristics The Implementation of the standard: self-flow control valve has passed the ISO9001 national certification, access to the national patent, patent number ZL200410076821.6, CJ / T179-2003 products meet the national industry standards.
Material: Body with cast iron or ductile iron; Spool cast brass; Spring imported 304 stainless steel; Diaphragm: EPDM buried fiber; Screw: stainless steel.

Technical features:
1, The valve uses a password lock control device, to prevent others to arbitrarily change the flow.
2, Automatic spool with airfoil-oriented, valve port set with copper sets, so that automatic valve group with anti-lock function.
3, Manual spool with a cock adjustment, the flow scale more accurate.
4, The flow scale scale are test bench by - calibration, flow error ≤ 5%.
5, The flow scale measurement unit for m3 / h, easy to balance adjustment
6, Spool with maintenance holes can be checked on-line valve failure, without the need to disassemble the valve,
7, Fully open when the KVS large and small resistance, if necessary, with high resistance, can eliminate a lot of pressure.
8, The new users do not need to re-adjust the valve;
9, The valve all the use of CNC machine tools, high precision machining, valve interchangeability, replace the damaged valve can also maintain the original accuracy.
10, The valve design life of 20 years, the normal operation of 10 years warranty.

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