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Self actuated flow control valve

self actuated flow control valve
self actuated flow control valve
1. Dial
2. Manual valve clack
3. Automatic valve clack
4. Valve body
5. Spring
6. Membrane

Product overview:
ZLF series of self-actuated flow control valve are hydraulic balancing valves that can keep flow rate constant automatically. It can
set flow rate according to practical demands and keep the flow rate passing through the valve constant. Using self-actuated flow control valve in the central heating and air-conditioning systems could complete flow adjustment of the pipe network at one time
and change the net adjustment into simple flow distribution, spared from flow reallocation at switchover of heat sources.It solves hydraulic disorder of the pipeline network effectively.

1. The valve body is made of cast iron or spheroidal
graphite cast iron.
2. The valve core is made of casting brass.
3. Spring is made of import 304 stainless steel.
4. The membrane is made of EPDM buried fiber.
5. Stainless steel screws.

jktl Control Valve dwg
jktl Control Valve dwg