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Self-operated flow control valves and non-applicable variable flow systems have become
[heat metering technical specifications]
self-flow control Valve,jktl valve
The People 's Republic of China industry standard JGJ173-2009 [heating measurement technical specifications] original
5.2.3 When the heating system is a variable flow system, a self-operated flow control valve shall not be provided.
Variable flow system can significantly save pump power consumption, the current application more and more widely. At the end of the variable flow system (it is not appropriatefor the thermal population to use a self-operated flow control valve (constant flow valve). When the system changes the recirculation flow according to the climate load, we require all ends to distribute the flow according to the design requirements, When the user's indoor thermostatic valve is adjusted to change the end condition, the self-operated flow control valve has the constant flow characteristic, which is in conflict with the user's role in changing the working condition. The user who can not change the working condition can guarantee the flow Change the role,

But the user does not change the flow of change is not changing the conditions of the user "squeeze" over, but mainly by the impact of changes in pump head. If the pump head has control, this "squeeze" effect is smaller, so for the variable flow system, should not use self-flow control valve.

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