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Self-reliance temperature control valve and manual temperature control valve essential differences
The role of temperature control valve:
Household heat metering and sub-room temperature control has begun to enter the implementation phase with the heating system reform,The installation of temperature control valve in the radiator is very common, with the temperature control valve to achieve sub-room temperature control, both to the maximum Saving energy, but also to maximize the different users to meet the needs of indoor temperature regulation, which is a good thing to benefit the country, but how to choose the temperature control valve does not completely let the user master, if you can not correctly select the product, not only can not Meet the demand, but also may give users unnecessary economic losses.

Some suggestions are made to help colleagues and users with some useful help. Temperature control valve is divided into manual temperature control valve and self-type temperature control valve two, the two kinds of temperature control valve essential difference:

1. Temperature control valve composition: Automatic temperature control valve is the temperature sensor self-operated actuator and a special supporting temperature control valve body composition. Temperature control valve body structure often have through, angle valve two of the two most common two-way valve.
2. Temperature control valve is usually manual, automatic two.
3. Self-operated temperature control valve price is about three times the manual temperature control valve.
4. The valve action principle is very different.

Manual temperature control valve is usually used spiral lift spool,
The rotation of the handle is linearly displaced by the spiral into the spool.
On the self-operated temperature control valve, manual temperature control valve Please continue to pay attention to our jktl valve Thank you for your visit.