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In addition to general industrial process control, there are many applications in the laboratory and in the test facility that require minimal flow control valve, and such small flows make their full-blown leaks larger than conventional valves.
The amount is still small, so only the general machining, the general process can not be guaranteed, the only way to solve the problem is the flow of each valve characteristics of the experimental calibration to final calibration, Specific, real traffic to illustrate.structure type
There are usually two ways to solve the problem of small flow control:
(1) the use of special trim in the standard valve body. This method is usually done Kv = 0.03 or so, in the standard valve body with a special trim has a very good economy and scalability, because this Will reduce the requirements for spare parts for special valves and actuators, as well as facilitate future expansion of the flow (only standard body parts will be replaced in the future).
(2) for the ultra-small flow regulation and design of the special control valve can be done Kv value of 0.001 or so, with approximate linear characteristics, integrated forging, compact and light weight.