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Steel Welded Straight Through Filter


Caliber: DN25-DN600
Nominal pressure: PN1.6-2.5MPa
Medium used: water
Device material: carbon steel
Connection mode: weld
Steel Welded Straight Through Filter
Welded steel building heating entry apparatus (group A)

Welded steel building heating entry apparatus (group A)

Welded straight-through steel filter

Technology Characteristic:

1. The filter body and connecting pipe are made of carbon steel pipes, which prevent environmental pollution caused
by the technological process of casting. The filter and pipelines are connected through welding, which saves flanges,
bolts and gasketsused in connecting the pipelines.
2. the device can discharge sewage and be backwashed without being stopped. It is easy to operate and could
discharge sewage in very little space.
3. The inner wall is smooth and is convenient for sewage disposal.
4. Blowdown valves and access holes are welded on the filter for the convenience of sewage disposa land sewage
disposalist troubleshooting.
5. The blowdown connection can be connected with flexible pipes to discharge sewageto the appointed place,
which give the device a cleaner environment.
6. The filter cartridge on the filter is long and has a large filtering area, which make very small resistance.
7. The external filtering structure can prevent sewageoutside the filter cartridge when media pass through and thus
can be convenient for discharging sewage.
8. The stainless steel filter cartridge is strong and durable for being welded on the connector, enjoying the same
duration with the pipelines.
9. The straight-through connection mode has high insulation performance and reduces heat loss.
10. The filter body is welded by the welding robot, which is characteristic of high quality and leak-tightness.
11. The designed service life of the filterbody is 30 years, with a guarantee of 10 years of normal operation