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Structure and working principle of SYF - 4M digital flow differential pressure valve
digital flow differential pressure valve
As shown in the left figure, the digital flow differential pressure valve structure is composed of differential pressure adjustment device, automatic spool and display part.
The display part is composed of flow movement, sensor, transmitter, electronic calculator and display. The measured water flows through the valve, the flow impulse flow within the movement of the impeller, impeller rotation and sensing transmitter sensor, so that the sensor is proportional to the flow electrical signal.
The flow signal is fed into the electronic calculator through the wire, and the flow rate is displayed after the microprocessor has been calculated by the calculator.
Differential pressure adjustment device is used to adjust the pressure and flow, according to the display value to set the required pressure and flow value.
Automatic spool is used to maintain a constant pressure, both in the pipe network pressure changes, the automatic spool will be under the pressure of the pressure automatically open or close the small valve port to maintain the set pressure difference unchanged.