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SYF-4M digital flow differential pressure valve specification table
1, constant control of the user pressure, eliminating the pressure fluctuations outside the network Working principle: (as shown in the figure) When the water supply pressure P1 increases, the return pressure P1-P3 increases, the pressure-sensitive membrane drives the valve down.Thus maintaining P1-P2 (the pressure difference applied to the controlled loop) is constant;The water supply pressure P1 is reduced, the pressure sensitive membrane drives the valve flap to move up, P2 is reduced, so that P1-P2 is constant. Flow data with the use of take, to avoid the display in harsh environments, extended display life.
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2, support the user internal self-tuning principle: (as shown on the right) If P1-P2 unchanged, the loop internal resistance changes, such as slip ① turn off, in this moment P2 reduced, P1-P2 increased , Pressure-sensitive membrane force balance is broken, the valve down,Close the small valve port, so that P2 and then back to the original size, that P1-P2 unchanged. For the branch ②, the flow rate G = KV (P1-P2), in the branch ① before and after the turn off, the opening KV unchanged, P1-P2 by the differential pressure valve constant, the flow G Unchanged, so the control loop within a branch flow changes, will not affect the other branches. Digital differential pressure control valve Whether the pressure in the pipeline fluctuations, or control the internal resistance of the system changes, digital differential pressure control valve can be maintained applied to The pressure difference of the controlled object is constant.

Note: △ P = 1-P2 △ P1 = P2-P3 applies to the primary side of the thermal station (or air conditioner) installed electric control valve, installed self-pressure differential controller, the formation of a constant differential pressure to avoid parallel interference. Installed in the high or multi-storey building in each floor heating or air conditioning on the branch loop, make sure that the differential pressure of the branch circuit is set on the user return pipe to ensure that the user pressure is constant (①②③ for the user system) installed in the multi-storey or high-rise building heating or air conditioning riser or unit entrance.