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Talent concept
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We firmly believe that talent is the real motive force of the development of enterprises, employees are we flying wings, we are the employees show stage, employees and our interdependent, only to common development. So we advocate people-oriented management ideas, the implementation of people-oriented management policy, put forward: "the so-called enterprise management, is the business of talent; the so-called industry competition, is the competition of talents. "Set up people-oriented, talent resources, talent dynamic, modern enterprise human resources management concept.
The specific approach is: only, merit, practice, all-round development. Principle of "long and tolerant in short, for managers implement appointment, for each employee to find the most suitable jobs, for each job seeking the most suitable staff.
Strengthen training and learning. Provide employees with training and learning opportunities, take the road of the development of learning oriented enterprises. To mobilize staff enthusiasm for learning, vigorously carry out three than (than ideal, than the technology, than with), three (a beautiful environment, a good order, a unit of civilization), for the winner to be award in recognition of propaganda, strong learning atmosphere is formed within the enterprise.
Full decentralization, their use. Follow the "Zhao Pei synchronization, internal and external integration, and to the stage of development of the staff have both ability and political integrity, entrepreneurial opportunities. Enterprise at any time to receive the rationalization of staff recommendations, the interaction between enterprises and employees, the formation of enterprises to treat employees, employees love the good atmosphere of enterprises.
To create a standardized management and humanistic management environment and atmosphere, through a variety of ways to cultivate the sense of honor, to stimulate the enthusiasm of the work.
Care about the employees' work and life. Each worker has ten minutes of free time during work, can be in the production workshop designed in the smoking room smoking, you can also go to the workshop in the vicinity of the activities of the room.
Adhere to the principle of "respect for people, trust people, understand people", so that employees feel that here can be developed. In the "people-oriented" enterprise culture under the influence, incentive of every one of the staff of "self-reliance, dedicated love plants, pioneering and enterprising, collaboration and dedication", the heart of all the staff and enterprise closely unite together, for the enterprise, create greater value for the society.